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Proactive is my management philosophy here at O'Kelly's, our intent is to comply fully with all rules and regulations regarding my liquor license and the City of Fargo.

Recently, we had an incident in which a few of our employees were found drinking on premise long after the bar had been closed.  Along with working closely with the Fargo Police Department, I felt that we needed to implement a video surveillance system which would allow us to monitor operations on site, as well as remotely.  Requirements were that myself, along with my management team, would be notified of any movement during specified hours and that no video was to be stored in house.

From my research, I found that byRemote could provide us with the video solution that I was looking for.  With byRemote storing the video off-site on their servers, I'm assured that the video can't be tampered with and we have anytime access to the video, regardless where we're at.  Once the system was installed, a motion detection feature was added to notify my by e-mail with video snapshots of any person or persons that were at the bar during the restricted hours.  All of my employees know that they are to be out of the bar by a certain hour and they know now that they will be recorded if they're not.

Preventative is the key word.... all of my employees have been made aware of the cameras and know that myself and my management team are monitoring the video.  I feel that the video surveillance allows us to run a "tighter ship" and actually, our employees appreciate this.

In closing, I would recommend byRemote to anyone who is planning to install a video surveillance system.  The installation was professional and quick and the after-installation support is provided with a low monthly fee and now with this being done, I have more time to concentrate on managing the rest of my business."

Mike C. - Owner
O'Kelly's Tastes & Toddies


Hosted Video as a Service (HVaaS)
Managed Surveillance for Off-Site Hosted Video

The Hosted Video as a Service video recording product provides off-site hosting for your cameras video. Your video is safely stored on a byRemote server in a secure data center. You may view your live and recorded video at anytime. Just log onto the web-based user interface of the Video Surveillance Center software. From any computer that has an Internet connection.   

The Hosted Video as a Service is available in a low monthly subscription fee based on the video recording plan that you choose. 7-Days, 14-Days, 21-Days or 30-Days. Or we can custom fit a video recording plan for your needs. You may up-grade or down-grade your video recording plan whenever you wish and there are no contracts. The Hosted Video as a Service is on a month-by-month basis. Included in your monthly subscription fee are the following Managed Video Surveillance services.

  • On-going HelpDesk support by phone, email or on-line.
  • Notification by email if any cameras are off-line.
  • Video Surveillance Center software up-dates.
  • Video Surveillance Center software up-grades.

You Should consider the Hosted Video as a Service if

  • You do not wish to maintain a video storage device.
  • You do not have the space for a video storage device.
  • You do not have the personnel to maintain a video storage device.
  • You do not wish to have your surveillance video stored at your location for added security.
  • You wish to be able to view your video from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.
  • You wish to have the your video recorded to a central location.
  • You wish to view the video from multiple locations with one login.
  • You wish to have HelpDesk support included in the subscription fee.

What are the benefits of Hosted Video as a Service (HVaaS)?

  • No DVR or NVR on-site.
  • No relay server device on-site.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • 24/7/365 web access.
  • Live streaming video.
  • Recorded video playback.
  • Software updates included.
  • Software upgrades included.
  • Camera status monitoring.
  • Off-line camera email notifications.
  • Unlimited HelpDesk support

Hosted Video as a Service Fees

Off-Site Hosted Video Storage

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