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“Our company has owned a camera monitoring system that has been installed and maintained through ByRemote for 6 years. The system has been a valuable tool for monitoring sensitive zones involving cash, inventory, and other vulnerable assets. The system provides a factual basis to counter employee dishonesty and helps to maintain policy enforcement. Being able to monitor the business from home or other off-site locations is fantastic.

The service I have received from ByRemote has been outstanding over the entire 6 year period. Any problems or upgrades have been competently addressed in short order. I have always received professional and courteous service. I have had very few problems and the staff of ByRemote has occasionally given me calls just to see how things are going. ByRemote has provided service above and beyond my expectations.

Thanks for the great service and product.”

Rick N. - Owner
Tailgators Sports Cafe


Managed Video Data Center

For businesses with multiple locations, IP video surveillance has a clear advantage over CCTV analog video.  The digital video from the network cameras at multiple locations, can easily be transferred over the existing IP network.  Using the diagram below, let us say  you have offices located in Portland, Los Angeles, Houston and New York.  By installing IP cameras at these locations the video can then be transported over the Internet to a central location, like Minneapolis, and then stored on a central storage server.  By maintaining the stored video at one location the company realizes added security in the event of a fire, flooding, burglary or vandalism that may occur at any one of the remote locations as the video is stored safely off-site at the company headquarters.


Example of Central Storage of Video Surveillance Video for Multiple Business Locations

Who is choosing our Managed Video Data Center Solution?

  • Clients who have multiple locations.
  • Clients who wish to view multiple locations from one login and record the video to one central location.
  • Clients with extremely remote applications where housing a storage copuer is not an option.
  • Clients who wish to scale back maintenance at each remote location.

What are the benefits?

  • Each remote location only requires the cameras and a connection to the Internet.
  • The client can access their live and archived video from any computer connected to the Internet by logging in to the Video Surveillance Center software that is installed on their server with a username and password.
  • Data warehousing cuts down on the expense for each remote location.
  • Centrally managed and upgradeable.
  • The system is scaleable as you add locations and/or IP cameras.
  • Create viewing groups by cameras or by location.
  • Assign separate login accounts for any member of your organization and control what cameras they can view.

Archiving Information:
All video with the Managed Video Data Ceter can be configured by individual camera.  You may choose to record a camera in either the standard or high resolution. You may also choose how many frames per second and how many days each camera will be archiving the video.

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