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“Our company has owned a camera monitoring system that has been installed and maintained through ByRemote for 6 years. The system has been a valuable tool for monitoring sensitive zones involving cash, inventory, and other vulnerable assets. The system provides a factual basis to counter employee dishonesty and helps to maintain policy enforcement. Being able to monitor the business from home or other off-site locations is fantastic.

The service I have received from ByRemote has been outstanding over the entire 6 year period. Any problems or upgrades have been competently addressed in short order. I have always received professional and courteous service. I have had very few problems and the staff of ByRemote has occasionally given me calls just to see how things are going. ByRemote has provided service above and beyond my expectations.

Thanks for the great service and product.”

Rick N. - Owner
Tailgators Sports Cafe


FREE Test Drive

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Test your own own camera with our software!

You have searched the Internet for ways to view and/or record surveillance cameras over a network or Internet.  You have researched many software applications and are still unsure which is the best solution for you.  How do you know which one will best meet your needs?

byRemote, Inc. wants to make your investment decision a smart one.  We are offering a free 30-day test drive of our byRemote Video Surveillance Center software for anyone considering our software solutions using your own camera. The Free 30-Day Test Drive uses our Hosted Video as a Service with the video from your network camera recorded for a 7-Day rolling time period. You may have up to four (4) cameras or one (1) 4-port video encoder connected to four (4) analog cameras.

To submit your request for the Free 30-Day Test Drive, just click on the link below. This is new Free 30-Day Test Drive form that we are implementing. If you could use this form, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help!

If you have additional questions prior to completing this request, please contact us at any time.

 Free 30-Day Test Drive


Supported Network Cameras & Video Encoders


Axis Communications

Fixed Cameras Fixed Dome Cameras
  »  Axis 2100
  »  Axis 2110
  »  Axis 2120
  »  Axis 2420
  »  Axis 207
  »  Axis 207W
  »  Axis 207MW
  »  Axis 210
  »  Axis 210A
  »  Axis 211
  »  Axis 211A
  »  Axis 211M
  »  Axis 211W
  »  Axis 221
  »  Axis M10 Series
  »  Axis M11 Series
  »  Axis P13 Series
  »  Axis Q16 Series

  »  Axis Q17 Series
  »  Axis 209FD
  »  Axis 216FD
  »  Axis 216FD-V
  »  Axis 216MFD
  »  Axis 216MFD
  »  Axis 216MFD-V
  »  Axis 216MFD
  »  Axis 216MFD-V
  »  Axis M30 Series
  »  Axis M31 Series
  »  Axis M31-R Series
  »  Axis M31-VE Series
  »  Axis M32 Series
  »  Axis M33 Series


Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras Video Encoders/Blades/Decoders
  »  Axis 2130 PTZ
  »  Axis 212 PTZ
  »  Axis 212 PTZ-V
  »  Axis 214 PTZ
  »  Axis 215 PTZ
  »  Axis 215 PTZ-E
  »  Axis 233D
  »  Axis M50 Series
  »  Axis P55 Series
  »  Axis Q60 Series
  »  Axis 241S
  »  Axis 243SC
  »  Axis 247S
  »  Axis 240Q
  »  Axis 241Q
  »  Axis 241QA
  »  Axis M7014
  »  Axis Q7404
  »  Axis P7701 Decoder

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