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"The network video system gives me state-of-the-art security at an affordable price. I would recommend this system to any small business owner looking to improve security and surveillance in their stores."

Todd J. - Owner
Citgo Sooper Stop


byRemoteMail E-mail Account

If you are a customer using any of byRemote's storage solutions and wish to create a web-based and/or POP3 email account to check for byRemote notifications, offline cameras, motion and/or audio detection notifications, please contact us by calling 701.234.9060 #1.

If you are using free personal e-mail accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc., you may have experienced having to change your username multiple times.  Eliminate the frustration of having to remember which e-mail account to check for byRemote notifications.  Log in to your e-mail from the byRemote Member login page just like you do to access your network cameras.

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