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Proactive is my management philosophy here at O'Kelly's, our intent is to comply fully with all rules and regulations regarding my liquor license and the City of Fargo.

Recently, we had an incident in which a few of our employees were found drinking on premise long after the bar had been closed. Along with working closely with the Fargo Police Department, I felt that we needed to implement a video surveillance system which would allow us to monitor operations on site, as well as remotely. Requirements were that myself, along with my management team, would be notified of any movement during specified hours and that no video was to be stored in house.

From my research, I found that byRemote could provide us with the video solution that I was looking for. With byRemote storing the video off-site on their servers, I'm assured that the video can't be tampered with and we have anytime access to the video, regardless where we're at. Once the system was installed, a motion detection feature was added to notify my by e-mail with video snapshots of any person or persons that were at the bar during the restricted hours. All of my employees know that they are to be out of the bar by a certain hour and they know now that they will be recorded if they're not.

Preventative is the key word.... all of my employees have been made aware of the cameras and know that myself and my management team are monitoring the video. I feel that the video surveillance allows us to run a "tighter ship" and actually, our employees appreciate this.

In closing, I would recommend byRemote to anyone who is planning to install a video surveillance system. The installation was professional and quick and the after-installation support is provided with a low monthly fee and now with this being done, I have more time to concentrate on managing the rest of my business."

Mike C. - Owner
O'Kelly's Tastes & Toddies


byRemote Surveillance Resolution Guide

Motion JPEG (M-JPEG)
JPEG stands for the Joint Photographic Experts Group standard, a standard for storing and compressing digital images. Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) is a video codec where each video field is separately compressed into a JPEG image. The resulting quality of video compression is independent from the motion in the image which differs from MPEG video where quality often decreases when footage contains lots of movement.

Image Resolution
The term resolution is often used as a pixel count per inch in digital imaging. The resolution of your video recording is calculated by the height of an image in pixels, the width of an image in pixels and combined with the compression ratio of the image.

Image Compression
Image compression is the application of data compression on digital images. In effect, the objective is to reduce redundancy of the image data in order to be able to store or transmit data in an efficient form. The file size of an image can be dramatically reduced with greater image compression.

320x240: Standard Resolution
Standard resolution using the byRemote Surveillance Center is an image at 320x240 at 50% compression which brings each JPEG file size down to approximately 16Kb per image.


Off-Site Hosted or Central Storage: All hosted cameras recording to byRemote’s remote servers in Fargo, ND are recorded in standard resolution.  In addition, standard resolution recording is best used when archiving video for non-critical cameras, needing to conserve drive space, as well as conserve bandwidth when recording off-site to a central network storage unit.

640x480: High Resolution
High resolution using the byRemote Surveillance Center is an image at 640x480 at 50% compression which brings each JPEG file size down to approximately 50Kb per image.

Example:  Click on the image to open the actual file size.

Dedicated or Managed Storage: High resolution recording is best used with the network storage device is located at the same location where the cameras are installed.  The cameras are recorded over the local area network and don’t require the archiving to be done over a high-speed Internet connection which could use a lot of bandwidth.  High resolution recording is not recommended when storing the video off-site unless you are using a small number of cameras.

Printable Resolution Guide (PDF)

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