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"The network video system gives me state-of-the-art security at an affordable price. I would recommend this system to any small business owner looking to improve security and surveillance in their stores."

Todd J. - Owner
Citgo Sooper Stop


What Our Clients Have to Say about byRemote's Solutions and Services

This section lists a few of the comments received from byRemote clients using the byRemote Surveillance Center web-based camera management software.  Additional comments are also listed from visitors to our website.

O'Kelly's Tastes & Toddies
Proactive is my management philosophy here at O'Kelly's, our intent is to comply fully with all rules and regulations regarding my liquor license and the City of Fargo.

”Recently, we had an incident in which a few of our employees were found drinking on premise long after the bar had been closed.  Along with working closely with the Fargo Police Department, I felt that we needed to implement a video surveillance system which would allow us to monitor operations on site, as well as remotely.  Requirements were that myself, along with my management team, would be notified of any movement during specified hours and that no video was to be stored in house.

From my research, I found that byRemote could provide us with the video solution that I was looking for.  With byRemote storing the video off-site on their servers, I'm assured that the video can't be tampered with and we have anytime access to the video, regardless where we're at.  Once the system was installed, a motion detection feature was added to notify my by e-mail with video snapshots of any person or persons that were at the bar during the restricted hours.  All of my employees know that they are to be out of the bar by a certain hour and they know now that they will be recorded if they're not.

Preventative is the key word.... all of my employees have been made aware of the cameras and know that myself and my management team are monitoring the video.  I feel that the video surveillance allows us to run a "tighter ship" and actually, our employees appreciate this.

In closing, I would recommend byRemote to anyone who is planning to install a video surveillance system.  The installation was professional and quick and the after-installation support is provided with a low monthly fee and now with this being done, I have more time to concentrate on managing the rest of my business."

Mike C.. - Owner
O'Kelly's Tastes & Toddies 

Tailgators Sports Cafe
“Our company has owned a camera monitoring system that has been installed and maintained through ByRemote for 6 years. The system has been a valuable tool for monitoring sensitive zones involving cash, inventory, and other vulnerable assets. The system provides a factual basis to counter employee dishonesty and helps to maintain policy enforcement. Being able to monitor the business from home or other off-site locations is fantastic.

The service I have received from ByRemote has been outstanding over the entire 6 year period. Any problems or upgrades have been competently addressed in short order. I have always received professional and courteous service. I have had very few problems and the staff of ByRemote has occasionally given me calls just to see how things are going. ByRemote has provided service above and beyond my expectations.

Thanks for the great service and product.”

Rick N. - Owner
Tailgators Sports Cafe

Citgo Sooper Stop
“The network video system gives me state-of-the-art security at an affordable price.  I would recommend this system to any small business owner looking to improve security and surveillance in their stores.”

Todd J. - Owner
Citgo Sooper Stop

Taco John's
"The addition of a byRemote solution in our restaurants has increased our sense of urgency in our drive thrus.  Being able to see the line of cars pulling up to the order station creates an environment of awareness to our staff which enables us to go to peak operational mode quicker than waiting for the stack to occur at the window."

Dalton R. - Owner
R & D Management
Taco John's

Tubs of Fun
" has been a great resource for our company! We purchased the product and service initially for security reasons but have found many more uses for the product. It is easy to use, convenient and reliable. The customer care has been extraordinary! It is refreshing to find a company who still understands customer service. Thank you for a great product and service."

Troy D. - Owner
Tubs of Fun

Valley Kitchen
"With the byRemote system in place, our till shortages are controlled, customers are greeted promptly and food orders are picked up promptly for delivery.  Since the cameras are network based, the live video can be viewed from multiple PC’s.  We utilize two viewing stations - one in the manager’s office and one at the server station.  This ensures that servers and floor managers can monitor service levels of all dining areas at all times.  This creates customer satisfaction by offering faster service.  At first we didn't see a need to order high-speed Internet at the store, but are glad we did.  We are able to monitor activity from our home computer over our cable Internet connection and have seen a jump in production and profitability since installing the cameras."

Laurie B. - Owner
Valley Kitchen

West Fargo Fitness Center
“Having a video surveillance system in our 24 hour health club was essential for us to open our doors. The security and peace of mind that it gives our members is important to them and to us. We can check in on our health club remotely anytime we want. This gives us the ability to get other things done in our lives by not having to have an employee at the health club monitoring it all of the time. The byRemote system is easy to use and the service and support that we have received has been excellent.”

Matt L. - Owner
West Fargo Fitness Center 

Residential Customer
“Well, it only took 5 months.

Last night, with the help of an event saved using, my neighbor was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief.

Two nights ago, at 12:46 a.m., he came out of his house, picked up what we think is a rock, came into our driveway and scrawled/gouged the passenger side door of my wife's SUV. Although he was on the other side of the SUV from the camera, it was clear that it was him and that he was in our driveway. Upon inquisition by the police, he said that he went to bed at 11 p.m. that night and was never in our driveway.

The initial estimate on the damage was $596. However, we will be taking the vehicle into the dealer and getting an estimate from them. If the estimate is over $1000, I'm going to ask that he be charged with felony criminal mischief.

He should make bond today. We have a TRO against him now, and a hearing to make it permanent on the 26th.

The police said that without the video evidence, it would have been a he said/she said issue, and impossible to prove.

Retaliation is sure to follow and escalate.

Thanks folks,”

Tony B. - Homeowner

Residential Customer
“I discovered this company surfing the web. I was nervous and anxious about what kind of service I was going to get. I was pleasantly surprised about how they relate to me and how they skillfully helped me establish my remote surveillance system.”

Olajire I. - Homeowner

Comments From Visitors

"I have tried other software to manage my cameras and find them hard to use and get really frustrated.  I have visited your demo and can't say enough about how easy it is to use.  I like the clean look and the navigation is simple.  The video quality is great too.  I will definitely be visiting your web site again and you will probably be hearing from me soon."
-- Tony S., Florida

"Nice website!  Very informative."
-- Anonymous

"I spoke with your salesperson and he told me this is the first release of the software.  I can't wait to be notified when the next upgrade comes out.  Kudos."
-- Christian M., Wisconsin

"Thanks for the demo.  I received awesome customer service.  I am completely satisfied and will recommend Byremote when our company is ready in about a month.  I just wanted to say Thank You."
-- William R., Massachusetts


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