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"The addition of a byRemote solution in our restaurants has increased our sense of urgency in our drive thrus. Being able to see the line of cars pulling up to the order station creates an environment of awareness to our staff which enables us to go to peak operational mode quicker than waiting for the stack to occur at the window."

Dalton R. - Owner
R & D Management
Taco John's


Family Style Restaurant: Valley Kitchen on Main
Small Mom & Pop goes "High Tech"

Client: Valley Kitchen on Main
Location: Fargo, ND

Actual picture quality

Laurie B. has run a tight ship at the Valley Kitchen in Fargo, ND for the last 23 years.  She expects her customers to receive top quality food and excellent service while enjoying the "down home" atmosphere.  Antique toy trackers and delicate painted plates line the walls of this favorite local restaurant.  So when the cash register kept coming up short, Laurie knew it was time to call in some help.

The owners worked with byRemote, an IP surveillance solutions provider, to install a surveillance system with four Axis network cameras, one storage PC, the byRemote Surveillance Center camera management software and connected them all with a DSL line.

Instant Text Messages
upon Motion Detection


The solution enables the owners to view their cameras remotely from home via the Internet and to be notified if any movement is detected at the cash register after the restaurant has closed for the evening.  byRemote helped set up the cameras to send an instant text message to their cell phone if motion is triggered and an email is sent immediately with screenshots attached of the incident.

One evening while at home, her cell phone rang with a custom ring tone that was set up to notify her when it was a text message.  The text message read "Motion detected by cashier camera" along with a date and time stamp.  They were able to immediately go to their email and check for incoming messages.  The Subject line read "Motion Detected at location" and had screenshots attached of a familiar person at the cash register.  Laurie was able to compile a movie clip of the incident and present it to the employee the next day.

Added Advantage: Improved Quality of Service
A new study from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) shows employee theft accounts for 43.3 percent of total losses.  Cash was the number one type of employee theft, finishing ahead of last year’s leader — merchandise theft, which came in a close second.  Cash is most frequently stolen by employees directly from the cash register.

“Retailers lose billions of dollars each year from shoplifting, employee theft and organized retail theft,” said Anne-Marie Roerink, FMI director of research.  “Even the slightest improvement in these areas will add significantly to the bottom line of every food retailer.”  Reference  By implementing products and services offered by byRemote, Inc., the Valley Kitchen restaurant has been able to reduce shortages at the cash register while improving quality of service.

"With the byRemote system in place, our till shortages are controlled, customers are greeted promptly and food orders are picked up promptly for delivery.  Since the cameras are network based, the live video can be viewed from multiple PC’s.  We utilize two viewing stations - one in the manager’s office and one at the server station.  This ensures that servers and floor managers can monitor service levels of all dining areas at all times.  This creates customer satisfaction by offering faster service," Laurie said.  "At first we didn't see a need to order high-speed Internet at the store, but are glad we did.  We are able to monitor activity from our home computer over our cable Internet connection and have seen a jump in production and profitability since installing the cameras."


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