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“Our company has owned a camera monitoring system that has been installed and maintained through ByRemote for 6 years. The system has been a valuable tool for monitoring sensitive zones involving cash, inventory, and other vulnerable assets. The system provides a factual basis to counter employee dishonesty and helps to maintain policy enforcement. Being able to monitor the business from home or other off-site locations is fantastic.

The service I have received from ByRemote has been outstanding over the entire 6 year period. Any problems or upgrades have been competently addressed in short order. I have always received professional and courteous service. I have had very few problems and the staff of ByRemote has occasionally given me calls just to see how things are going. ByRemote has provided service above and beyond my expectations.

Thanks for the great service and product.”

Rick N. - Owner
Tailgators Sports Cafe


More Than Safety: Peace of Mind
Network Cameras Bridge the Gap for Working Parents

Client: Packer Playland
Location: West Fargo, ND

When Sheila S. moved her daycare to a commercial building in West Fargo, North Dakota, she wanted to install cameras that parents could access via an Internet connection from their home or office.  She knew it would give her an advantage as well as give parents the peace of mind knowing their children are happy and safe.

Sheila worked with byRemote, an IP surveillance solutions provider, to install a surveillance system with five Axis network cameras connected to a DSL line. The network cameras enable remote viewing via the Internet and the offsite recording and storage of images using byRemote Surveillance Center software.  Sheila provides each parent with their own username and password to access the cameras and charges a small fee per month for the service.  "We were featured on WDAY, a local news station, and the West Fargo Pioneer newspaper about our cameras."  (Actual story)  "I have had a couple of parents stop by just because they heard about the cameras," Sheila said.

byRemote's CEO, Bethany Johs, who's child has been going to Sheila's for the past 4 years says "We have always had the utmost trust in Sheila and the care that she and her staff provides.  When Sheila inquired about installing cameras so the parents could check in our their kids, I was all for it."  As a working mother, Ms. Johs is the first to admit she feels guilty about leaving her child in someone else's care while she and her husband head to the office.  "I do not feel so disconnected from my son throughout the day because I get the chance to log in and watch him play," Mr. Johs said.  "I wish every parent, working or not, had this same opportunity."  The Johs' son added "I wave at my mom and dad because they can see me."

Advantage: Live and Recorded Video
Not only does Packer Playland allow access to specific cameras by authorized parents, but they also use them as a surveillance system.  The video is recorded off-site at a secure location hosted by byRemote, Inc.

The system records the cameras in case there was ever a break-in at the pre-school.  By giving Sheila the ability to offer both live viewing and recorded video, she is satisfied she has made the right decision in choosing byRemote and a network camera system.

"I plan to add more cameras in areas not currently covered," Sheila said.


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